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About us

We aim to provide a high quality service from supplying logs, kindling, coal, hay, straw and an agricultural contracting service.


Our solid wood fuel products are sourced from local sustainably managed woodland which means heating your house is as environmentally friendly as you can get.  The logs and kindling we supply are sourced from coppicing and thinning woodland which is a vital part of maintaining and enhancing the British countryside. The wood we supply is graded into different qualities so you know you will be getting the product best suited to your fire.  A large proportion of our logs go to households in and around Colchester, we also deliver over most of Essex and into south Suffolk.


Being based just outside Colchester gives us the ability to easily deliver all over Essex and south Suffolk.  We take a pride in being able to provide a quick and high quality service supplying logs.  Having log burners ourselves and using them as the main source of heating the house means we know how important having the right wood for your fire is.  Please click on Bulk load of logs to see our products.


We do not just sell solid fuel, we also provide a forestry and agricultural contracting service.  We are based on the family farm where we also keep our flock of sheep and produce hay for the equine and livestock industries.


We are always looking out for standing timber to buy - either coppice, thinnings or clear felling.  We are also after pasture for grazing and hay-making for ourselves, so please get in contact, We look forward to hearing from you.



Alexander Miller

Phone: 07709 228392