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Log nets and kindling

  • Hardwood log nets £4.50 each

(filled with good quality hardwood logs NO SOFTWOOD)

  • Hardwood poplar nets £4 each

(filled with seasoned poplar logs)

  • Hardwood log sacks £7 each

(filled with good quality hardwood     


  • Log sacks filled with poplar logs £6 each
  • Kindling nets £4 each
  • Kindling sacks £7 each
  • See our special offer page for deals on log nets and kindling, you could save some money.
  • Minimum order is £50 and there may be a delivery charge depending on delivery distance and volume of the order.
  • Nets are also avaliable wholesale to retail outlets, please ring for details and prices.
  • In the pictures above there is a 12inch ruler to show the size of the nets.