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Sweet Chestnut Fencing

We supply locally sourced sweet chestnut fence posts and rails sourced from sustainably managed woodland.

We can make posts suitable for your needs be it equine, agricultural, release pens, garden projects etc.

Sweet Chestnut trees were brought into England originally by the Romans as it has many practical qualities for building and fencing. Sweet Chestnut wood is perfect for fence posts due to the high volume of natural Tannin which preserves wood without the need for chemical treatment. 

If you are fed up with replacing softwood post every few years then try our chestnut posts, it is all I use on my livestock farm and wouldn't use anything else.     


Intermediate Chestnut Posts mixture of split and rounds:

  • 4'6" Rabbit fencing posts             £4.00
  • 6'    Posts                                   £4.50

Intermediate posts are between 3-6 inches in diameter.


Strainer Posts Chestnut Posts round posts:

  • 6'    Post                                    £8.00
  • 7'    Post                                    £10.00
  • 8'    Post                                    £12.00


Strainer post are between 6-10 inches in diameter.


All posts are unpeeled and pointed. Posts can be peeled at an extra cost.

If you require a different size of post, we can cut & make them to your requirements.

Discounts are available for larger orders.